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Thalgo Facials

Thalgo uses the riches of the sea. You can benefit from the powerful healing, revitalizing and re-balancing properties drawn from the marine universe vital for health and wellbeing. Thalgo Facials deliver spectacular results in purifying, hydrating, and firming.

1 hour 30 minutes
Single $190, Couple $370

Ancient Gua Sha* technique is applied to revitalize different skin types. Through scraping on important meridian point, it increases the flow of body circulation. With the use of Jade, known as the healing stone, the treatment nurtures, heals and restores your skin.

*Gua sha is an ancient Chinese medicine technique that revitalizes and improves blood circulation by rubbing (only gently on the face) a meridian point.
30 minutes
Single $65, Couple $125

A relaxing facial recommended for all skin types. The facial includes a cleanse and your choice of exfoliation or a mask, using a selection of natural products tailored to your skins needs.
1 hour
Single $120, Couple $230

This treatment is essential for radiant, healthy skin and customized to meet the needs of your skin type. The Classic Facial includes, cleanse, tone, exfoliation, steam, extraction, mask and moisturize.
1 hour
Single $130, Couple $250

This booster treatment oxygenates, revitalizes and brightens the complexion, resulting in a radiant, healthy glow. Suitable for tired, sluggish skin, polluted by stress and a busy lifestyle.
1 hour 15 minutes
Single $150, Couple $290

Intensive hydration for sun damaged skin, fine lines, wrinkles and moisture deficiency. With pure native soluble collagen, protein rich extracts and creams, this treatment softens and smoothes the skin and helps to maintain moisture balance. An instant "beauty flash".
1 hour 15 minutes
Single $150, Couple $290

An award-winning treatment that works on all signs associated with aging. Ideally suited for all skin types showing signs of hormone deficiencies; lack of skin tonicity, dehydration and hyper pigmentation. This facial features an exclusive sculpting massage method that acts on muscle tone and gives a true “face lifting” effect with instant results.
COLLAGEN VELVET EYE - add on to any facial
15 minutes
Single $35, Couple $65

This hydrating treatment with native collagen helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fragile, thin skin. Recommended for the treatment of crow’s feet and dehydrated delicate areas. Not for puffy eyes.
50 minutes
Single $140, Couple $270

In a single treatment, a combination of mechanical and chemicals micro - dermabrasion followed by a comforting repair mask. Your skin regains its natural beauty. On the surface, it is smoother, suppler and softer. Its heightened cell renewal combats wrinkles and the loss of firmness. Helps reduce discoloration due to, hypo + hyper pigmentation.

You may also add 15 mintues of Microdermabrasion to any facial for enhanced results. Single $60, Couple $110

To complement our Chuan Facials, we recommend the following:

Chuan Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (30 minutes)

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