Chuan Signature Man
Off Peak: Monday - Thursday
Peak: Friday - Sunday & Bank Holidays
Subject to change
Chuan Man Maintenance
1 hour
Off Peak £90, Peak £108

Designed to meet a man’s specific needs. Relieve tension and fatigue while restoring strength and vitality to the skin. A plant-based mask will deeply replenish while the powerful healing properties of plant extracts repair and soothe any irritation. Energizing and purifying.
Germaine de Capuccini Man

Deluxe Facial with Beard Treatment
1 hour 15 minutes
Off Peak £110, Peak £135

A deeply revitalising treatment for the face which commences with a warm steamed towel cleanse followed by an exfoliating polish to remove dead cells. Rich in vitamin C, birch sap and olive, this facial leaves the skin with more energy and life. Included within this therapy is a warmed oil beard treatment applied with massage to soften, strengthen yet tame the beard.
Eastern Spiced Revival
1 hour 30 minutes
Off Peak £145, Peak £175

A highly re-energising ritual using warmed Oriental Oil in conjunction with massage using spiced pinda pouches along with ritual sticks to work out the deepest knots of tension reviving a tired body. Your treatment then moves to the face with a warmed steamed towel facial cleanse and a bespoke, tailor-made facial to balance and revitalise the skin.

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